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Learn how to listen to it: Your Intuition

Your intuition will never lie. That still voice that says, run! Or perhaps it is saying, watch out, no good intentions from the other side. Listen to that voice. Listen to your intuition.

I had what was called a “destiny helper” come into my life and sought every opportunity to appreciate and thank them. Having been going through a trying time and since my helper seemed genuine at the moment, I didn’t mind it. My helper would call, text, check up and even play financier in some situations.

Lending a helping hand- Image by Timisu

Every time my helper extended a hand, my intuition would whisper that I should instead look elsewhere for help. Of course, I didn’t listen to my intuition. It wasn’t long before my helper felt entitled to my life. I remember once, I was able to do a few things without my helpers’ assistance and I couldn’t imagine the tone of voice that was used. In other words, it sounded “How dare you to make any progress? Who gave you permission?”

I chose to listen to my intuition from that tone of entitlement. One day, I mistakenly shared some information that my helper I suppose didn’t want to be shared. I was coming from a good place, a need to give back for the good they had done. From subliminal WhatsApp statuses to no calls or texts coming in, that is how poof! My helper went missing.

Thank God for therapy because It took me days beating myself down because of what I had said out of ignorance and the desire to help. It turns out, that my “helper” saw that as an uncovering of their weakness. Had the help been genuine, or the friendship, they would have reached out to better understand the motive behind my disclosure of information. Unfortunately, my helper thrived in my misery because it made them look upright, well off, and progressive in life. “You don’t get to help me, I help you.”

My takeaway from this experience is simple, always listen to your intuition. If it warns you of bad intentions and people, please listen to it. If your intuition asks you to run from signing a particular document, please ask for more time before appending your signature. Your intuition will never lie. I look at it as Gods’ way through the holy spirit, warning you of the danger ahead or nudging you to tread carefully.

Lastly, audit your decision-making pattern. Do you usually go against your intuition? If you do, I recommend always praying for guidance and submitting All plans to God for HE is the only one who knows our future and can make our paths straight.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

Have yourself an intuitive rest of the year!

Before setting new year resolutions!

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