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Here is why you should learn to give yourself grace

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I had always been the kind to beat myself up when things didn’t go as planned or if I felt that I have failed at something. Perfectionist. Thanks to therapy and extensive research, I have learned to give myself grace. Learning how to give yourself grace could easily be the one thing that gets you unstuck from the funk that you are in.

Short Story

After I quit my job, I had become one of those people who would feel optimistic about a certain project or journey that I was to embark on, but the minute I failed at it, I would go on a downward spiral and even take days to bounce back from the funk. This happened during the pandemic year 2020. My lack of giving myself grace introduced me to low self-worth which crippled my life so much so that I even got entangled with a narcissist. Hahaha, now we can laugh about it.

Why give yourself Grace?

We always ask the father in heaven to pardon us by His grace. Others merely pray but do not believe and that becomes the reason why they do not reach their breakthrough. The need to be perfect cripples our process and that is why it takes others longer to get out of the low moments.

For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. (ESV)

John 1:16

However, when you give yourself a little bit of grace, simple grace like, for example, telling yourself that you are human and will fall at times. Grace looks like when you fail, reminding yourself that you are flawed and are bound to make a wrong choice or decision. Giving yourself grace could look like you allowing yourself to take a day off when the body demands it.

When I started giving myself grace when things didn’t turn out as I expected, I noticed that I started moving forward in my life. Stagnation was a thing of the past. Most funks have a source. Perhaps fear of the unknown? Fear of rejection? Self-sabotage? Once you can identify, name, and process the source, you have a better chance of thriving and not merely surviving.

Perhaps you are above 20 years old and are about to embark on this journey of giving yourself grace. Remember it took you 20 plus years to cultivate the habit. So it will take you a while to give yourself grace. Trust the process, Give yourself some grace.

Remember though you are fallen, you are still worthy.

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