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Before setting new year resolutions!

Happy new year!!! At the beginning of the year, many people talk of new year resolutions which, many do not follow through. I included. No judgment here! This year most of my friends’ resolution is to not make resolutions.

Last year, during one of my many therapy sessions, I learned how to look and accept responsibility for the flaws and contributions that I have made towards the failures in my life. Call it, adulting or taking an audit of the situation.

So after close scrutiny, I concluded that the reason I don’t follow through with the ” grand resolutions that I make it equals pressure to accomplish them”. If you are a perfectionist like I am, you end up doing nothing simply because you are looking forward to perfection that never comes.

So does it mean I haven’t set any goals? Absolutely not! It simply means, at the top of this year’s resolution, is, trying to improve the little bits of myself that block my progress, practice self-love, improve and give myself grace when things don’t go as planned.

Before setting your new years resolution, take an audit of what happened in the last year. This will help you identify mistakes, plan how to cause correct where things went wrong, and plan for a better year.

Making new year resolutions should start with decluttering your space, mind, and phone. Yes, I said phone because you don’t need negative-triggering people in your life. Do away with them!

Do you have any resolutions set for the year 2022? How did you go about it? Listen in on my new podcast episode and learn more on how to set goals that actually work and what it takes to accomplish them.

Have a prosperous year, 2022

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